Vinyl Fence Installation in Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida’s Most Popular Fence is Vinyl

A White Vinyl Fence, also known as a PVC fence, is a popular option for many homeowners in Ocala, Florida and surrounding cities. They are excellent fencing materials because of their ability to resist chemical and biological breakdowns.

Vinyl fences are durable, and unlike their wooden counterparts, they don’t warp, rot, check, or splinter. Other benefits of vinyl fences are that they are weather-resistant, they are easy to maintain,  they come in attractive designs and different colors, strong and economical because of their long-lasting nature.

White vinyl fencing installed in a backyard in ocala florida

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

There are so many reasons that homeowners just like you choose vinyl or PVC fence options for their new addition. We have been using this material for yards of all sizes for decades. It is a top choice for a variety of reasons.

This material for your fence provides benefits such as:

  • Security – Protecting your property is easy to do with a fence installation. Vinyl offers security to keep would-be thieves from seeing what’s inside.
  • Privacy – Want to spend time in your yard with the kids without being watched by the street or neighbors? While they may mean no harm, it’s frustrating to know you don’t have privacy at all. When you consider plastic fences for your privacy, you can keep your prying eyes out and enjoy the time outdoors.
  • Durable and low-maintenance – Are you looking for a fence that is durable, long-lasting, and requires very little maintenance from you? Then vinyl fencing may be just what you’re looking for. With a little soap and water, you can easily clean the fence off and it looks brand-new once again. It’s also very weather sturdy as it is durable against all types of weather. It can help keep debris out of your yard as well.
  • Reduce Noise – Do you have a busy sidewalk outside of your property? Then maybe consider installing vinyl fencing to help reduce the noise you hear when you’re outside. While it won’t stop all the noise from the road and sidewalks, it can help to drastically reduce it.
wood toned and textured vinyl fencing around a home in ocala florida

Installation of PVC Fencing

Fence Pro of Mid Florida is here to provide you with top-quality professional installation services. This means that we take time to work with you from start to finish in finding the right fencing materials for your needs.

Our team has years of expertise in the industry and will come out personally to do an evaluation of the property. Performing precise measurements of the area to be fenced is just the first step. We then will discuss the type of fencing you want, and the design you’re looking for and make suggestions to you on the best options for your budget.

When we go to install the vinyl fence style you’ve chosen, you’ll notice a difference in how we work. First, we make sure that there are trays down to catch any of the dirt we must remove. Once the project is complete, the dirt is removed from your property, to give your home the cleanest look once the job is completed. We don’t believe in leaving behind mounds of dirt for you to deal with after the fact. We take pride in providing you with a professional installation that leaves your yard looking better than when we arrived.

Rail Lock System

We build your vinyl fencing to include a rail lock system that prevents any gaps from forming at the top of the fence between the pickets. We’ve experienced storms causing these gaps in the past, so we take extra steps to prevent them from occurring in the future. With the rail lock system in place, you can endure whatever storms come your way.